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Please answer mine?? girl problem and friend! i need advice for you guys..?

I have a huge problem here and I don't know what to do...

okay, here's the thing..

I'm going out with my friend ex-girlfriend, but they only dated online and only met once.

I met her first, we talked for at least 3 months..Back then, we did got close and we already like each other..

Until one day, My computer broke down...

then my friend add her on myspace....We stop talking for a while..

but while were not talking. my friend and her got after 6 months. they got together....

At first, i didn't really care..I was proud of them..

then few months later, my friend started not talking to her..

and while she's in suffering, I was there..

when she needed help i was there.

when she needed someone to talk to i was there...

I again really close to her again..

and I got to know her pretty much....

my friend wasn't talking to her for 3 weeks and don't give her explanation why..3 weeks, 2 weeks until she got tired of it.

and ask him..if they still going out or if they break up? he said ';its up to you'; she break up..

when they break up, I was talking to her still.

after 5 months of us talking again..we got close and got together..I met her few times than my friend. I didn't ask her out in internet.

Because I want to her birthday party and I kissed her..thats how we got together...

but after I kiss her...

of course i showed some respect to my friend.

I asked him if its okay to holla at he's ex-gf and he said it was okay...

so i really did....

but now, we are going out..


my friend and my other friends too that friend with us. they mad at me?

not all of them but only him and my other friend dude..

I don't get it why my other friend is into this and its not even his business...

now weren't talking. They are getting all butthurt now...because she got hella pretty..Actually she was nice and everything..I Dont get it why ppl would do that to her..she deserve better...

They are jealous of me and everything now..

they wont talk to me...

but sometimes, they would text her ';why you choose one if you can have both of em'; got me mad..

I think if your a true friend, you would be between two of your friends and not only to one friend...

i showed some respect.but i aint getting any..

I ask him if its okay and i told him myself that we are going out.

what should i do?? advice here please thanks..

sorry its way too late.Please answer mine?? girl problem and friend! i need advice for you guys..?
it seems like their all jealous

or theres something else going on behind the scenes that you dont know about

so you can ask your friends if they know anything that you should know

but if not then continue to go on your way dating herPlease answer mine?? girl problem and friend! i need advice for you guys..?
It seems, they just butthurt that they lost thier chance

AFTER she got pretty?

seems like horrible friends to me

What i suggest is have a real heart to heart with your girl

sit her down, to talk about it

tell her, something like

I dont mind if you actually still like him, i'll always be here for you

but i wont stick around if you decide to stay with both of us

if she truely likes you, then she would stay with you, if she doesnt, then maybe its not worth it to be involved in this relationship if both sides arent happy

theres also the risk of her just getting more confused and dont know what to do

But this is totally on you and how you word it,

there is no real ';answer'; to love, gotta figure it out on your own

but i wish you the best of luck

Internet relationships arent the best of relationships, but it can work out

Guys, what advice do you have for a girl that is intelligent but doesn't turn any heads?

Why does beauty seem to be the defining factor in what attracts guys to women. I'm a 23 year old female - I believe that I'm friendly and easy to get along with, but I've never had a date before. I'm in graduate school and I used to think it was just my lack of time that was preventing me from finding anyone, but there amongst a group of very busy, educated females, the more attractive one always gets the dates. Guys, what advice do you have for a girl that does not necessarily turn any heads from guys? I'm striving to get into medical school, so I'm quite busy as it is, but sometimes I get a bit down about my situation.Guys, what advice do you have for a girl that is intelligent but doesn't turn any heads?
just be yourself. And you said that ur going to medical school, so graduate become a doctor or something then guys would be all over you. lots of guys think nurses and doctors are hot. so for now just be yourself.

Seasoned women: What advice can you give to teenage girls, concerning guys and what to look for in them?

Question is pretty straight-forward. Here it is again: Seasoned women: What advice can you give to teenage girls, concerning guys and what to look for in them?

Obviously I'll get some answers like ';oh, he has to be compassionate.. and sweet.. and handsome..'; but I want to see more than that. An example --%26gt; A guy that is good to his mother will be good to his wife.

Put your thinking caps on.Seasoned women: What advice can you give to teenage girls, concerning guys and what to look for in them?
Hi, I've kissed a lot of frogs in my day so therefore I think this is exactly my area of expertise.

Make sure he has a similar religion to yours, all kinds of problems can result if you are Christian (for instance) and he is something else.

Lying and cheating and battering (be it physical or mental), I do not put up with at all (anymore), but I had to learn that the hard way. Save yourself the trouble, by observing closely if he has these tendencies. If you see he does, then dump him like a hot potato immediately, because that behavior is in his genes and CANNOT change (even for you), no matter how much he professes his love or commitment to you, he will never change, because he CANNOT HELP IT!!!

Watch C %26amp; I - A LOT - it will put enough fear in you to make you extra careful about how you meet guys. Always meet in a PUBLIC area and never go home with them or take them home until you are absolutely sure what you are dealing with. Never give out your telephone numbers or home/ work address until you are absolutely sure what you are dealing with. Im my youth it was still safe to do so but not anymore.

Read the book: ';He's Just Not That Into You';, the author was on the Oprah show a while back. His thoughts are right on target!

DO a proper study of his family before you get involved, if his family are awful, you will always hit your head against a brick wall, especially if he is dead loyal to them and not you.

Check out his relationship with his mother in particular. If she has too much of a hold on him or he is having a problem letting go of her apron strings, then you are going to run into another kind of brick wall. Steer well clear of ';Mummy's Boys';.

Find out ahead of time if he ever wants to have children, to avoid disappointment later. See how he is with children and animals.

If he takes drugs or drinks like a fish that is going to be unlikely to change and neither will you ever be able to change that, because they just get more and more addicted. Trust me, I KNOW all the problems and pitfalls that come with that. Your life is turned upside down in such a relationship, because the man's whole personality changes for the worse whenever under the influence or high, and the man does nasty things he wouldn't normally do if he was clean.

I tried a relationship across the colour bar (which proves I am not racist). For me it didn't work, because our two cultures were too different. His culture was very drug and gangster orientated and my culture was very drug free and law abiding. Steer well clear of gangsters, or the mob, your whole life with become a mess if you hang around with that.

Most relationships fall apart because of money. Check out if he is a miser or if he spends his money like it's coming out of fashion. Either way it won't help you in the future. He needs to be balanced and sensible/ reasonable in this area.

If you have more questions or you want more advice feel free to e-mail me, as I have loads of experience with men.Seasoned women: What advice can you give to teenage girls, concerning guys and what to look for in them?
Girls are often attracted to the 'dangerous' type of guy, the boy who's the rebel and has a bad attitude toward authority. At the risk of freaking out the feminists, the reason lies in the feminine desire to have a strong, more domineering mate. But reality is that these are usually the guys who are the losers in school and in life. So you have to set your sites higher is you want a better chance at a better life. So avoid the losers and go for the guys who care about education, their appearance and have high standards. Start dating losers and you'll end up married to one and clawing your way through life.
Don't just look at the surface by noticing how good looking he is. Yes, young guys are cute and attractive, but try to see behind the flesh and bones. Try to see how they cope in an extreme situation Do they buckle under pressure, or do they lose their temper, or run away. Are they brave? Will they stand up to a bullying person? Will they take pity on a poor person who is begging in the street? Will they help an elderly woman cross the road? Will they keep their promises or will they break them and then make poor excuses for having broken them? You have to be an astute observer!
I hang out on YA in the relationship departments because I find the questions and answers very interesting.

What I have observed is that most people are just clueless about the opposite sex.

Finding our mate should happen after we find ourselves. We need to make sure that we are doing the right things in life so that we attract the right type of people to our mix. If you are doing the wrong things, then you will surely attract the wrong guy or gal.

Not much to add but how does he treat authority -



Governments - all levels

Is he up to the challenge of making changes? The world is not a constant.

What is his work ethic?

How is he around little kids and animals?

And was mentioned, how does he treat other females in his life - mother, sisters, grandmothers, etc.

Is he flirty with others when with you? A BIG NO-NO.

Does he have a sense of humor?

And is his mind above the gutter? VERY IMPORTANT.
Um correction just because a guy is good to his mommy doesn't mean he wont try to kill his GF! Psycho has taught me well. As long as he has a job and a car and doesn't still call his mom...mommy then you go for him! The shy quiet guys are the freakiest! The ones that look really really hot are either gay or full of themselves or harbor many STD's. Go for the guy that is laid back and funny but knows how to be a little serious too.
Well I guess Id advise a teenage girl to look for a guy that wasnt constantly trying to get in her knickers or use her as a ';trophey'; girlfriend, and to go for a guy that whilst might not be the coolest or hottest guy in school - but one that would treat her with respect.

I think it's been pretty much covered now, PP - particularly well by Angelmusic, in my opinion, since she skipped the waffle and got right to several very salient points.

It only remains for me to give you that star, mate!
I'd say go out with a guy who will respect you for your morals and treats you with respect. Don't get some drop out who has nothing to offer you but what is in his pants.
Inner Happiness - Bigger dick than wallet.

Material Happiness - Bigger wallet than dick.

hmmm, well he has to make me laugh :D

PS. i love Peter Petrelli, lol Heroes rocks!!
Not sure I fully answer the description ';seasoned woman'; since I'm only 30, but maybe I'm not *that* long out of my teens and that'll help :)

Teenage girls are very sensitive to looks. Which isn't a bad thing, but obviously you have to see a bit further than that. He mainly I think needs to be kind.

Kindness and respect are the most important things at that age. You're not looking for a life partner, but you need someone who respects you.

Around 14/15, boys will obviously start thinking about sex, in my experience girls take a little longer. So if he does anything you're not comfortable with, make him stop. If he gets in a mood, or threatens to dump you if you don't have sex with him, run away!!! It's the sign of a controlling personality, and that's never a good thing.

He should also respect your tastes and choices. He should like you for who you are, so even if he doesn't like the same music, he shouldn't tell you off for liking what you like. He shouldn't try to change the way you dress either: you are who you are, and clothes are a big part of someone's personality. If he says: I don't think this suits you, then fine, he's merely expressing an opinion. If he says: you look like a tramp in this: not fine!

He should also like (or at least get on with) you friends. If your friends don't like him, it's a bad sign, especially if you've known your friends for a long time, they know you very well and can tell if someone is making you unhappy.

Going back to the ';sex'; problem, there is no right or wrong thing to do, as long as you're ok with it. If you're ok with him touching your boobs, then why not; if you're ok touching him, fine. But never EVER ever do anything you're not comfortable with. If he gets angry, leave him. Your body is important, and your needs come first, not his. He should understand that if he really likes you. Sex is a very important part of later relationships, and bad experiences when you're young can affect your sex life later. Wait until you're ready, and only do it with someone you like and trust, preferably someone you've been with for a little while, who understands and likes you. If your friends are doing it, if his friends are doing it, it doesn't matter. People mature at different rates.

There we go, that was my bit of advice. I think others have said interesting things as well, so I won't repeat them :)

Any advice for a 13 yr old girl about guys?

I'm 13, 5'4';,chubby,dark blonde-light brown hair, green eyes, and a fair complexion with naturally rosy cheeks. I know that I'm pretty and can be confident at times, but then I see one of the guys I like (there are many, but i dont want to go farther than making out before i get married) and I just melt and put up walls and start feeling like I could never be good enough for them (I happen to like the preppy popular jocks, lucky me... *rolls eyes*). When I'm around guys I like I just become this shy, meek little lamb. I become the ';yes'; girl instead of who I really am. How can I get over that and get one of them to like me? Oh, but I dont only go for preppy popular guys. There's also a musician who plays guitar, sings, and writes songs in my grade that I like.Any advice for a 13 yr old girl about guys?
Advice: Don't change yourself for a guy. Don't leave your friends for a guy. Don't feel like you're trapped in a relationship. Only date someone you really feel you have potential with.

As for your shyness, that's pretty normal. There's not really a way to fix it, but you can try to tell yourself that you need to be yourself instead of trying to be someone who they'll like, even if you're not. That just leads to heartbreak. Personal experience. Whoever likes you, likes you. If none of those guys do, then keep looking. There's someone out there for you. As for asking guys out, that you have to do on your own, and I know how difficult that can be when you're shy, believe me. If you want, you can ask over the internet, or ask through a friend, but that loses a personal touch. It's up to you. Luck to you in all your relationships.Any advice for a 13 yr old girl about guys?
You know, the reason is because you are young and also shy. When you are a little older you will become non-shy and will be able to start talking to all guys. I would say to wait till college and start dating, don't let dating interfere with school. Believe me, boyfriends and breaking up, drama will put a BIG effect on you, I have seen this through a lot on my friends who are guys and girls.
flush out your head gear honey your way to young
Just take it slow. You sound like your head is on very straight.
I would say just work up the courage and ask him/them out. Trust me im 15 and shy. i try to ask guys, it wont always work,but just give it a try. good luck!

GIRL ADVICE!!!!!!!!! is there hope for nicer guys?

I've notticed in school that girls mostly only give jerks, douchbags, and assholes a chance. How come the nicer more decent guys are not given a chance. If anything they'll be treated better by them. Are girls that shallow that they prefer jerks and asshole guys? this is beginning to dissapoint me, do girls like being treated like dirt by other guys. What do more decent nicer guys have to do to be liked more my them? What do nice guys have to do to get them interested?GIRL ADVICE!!!!!!!!! is there hope for nicer guys?
Girls are complicated, as you and I both know. But there is an answer for everything. The reason why girls tend to go for guys that act worse towards them is actually common sense believe it or not. Just like guys, girls like competition and get more satisfaction from things if they have work for them, rather than if they are just handed them, after they get them. Its human nature, and this is why jerks tend to get the girls. For example if you hold a ball of string above a cat, just above its reach, it will keep trying very hard to get it, but once you put that ball on the ground the cat will start to get bored of it and eventually leave. This is why nice guys don't get very many chances with girls, because the girls get bored of them. I know it seems weird, but its true. Now I'm not saying that nice guys won't get chances, but once they start to go out with a girl, and the girl notices how nice they are to them all of the time, the girl will get bored and leave them, or worse she will cheat. This is the same with us man. If you have a girl who does everything for you and shes always complimenting you and being nice to you, you WILL start to get bored of her believe it or not. This is why you shouldn't be too nice to girls, now don't be an asshole, but don't be nice either. You have to find that happy medium where you are kinda nice, but at the same time you are sort of pushing her away. Its complicated, but I'm telling you if you try it, you WILL see a difference in the way that girls respond to you. Trust me.

Well anyway I hope this helps man.

Good LuckGIRL ADVICE!!!!!!!!! is there hope for nicer guys?
There are girls that like great guys. Chances are if you're a decent guy though, it'll be the more shy girls that will like you. And you'll have to make the first move. But just a small tip, most nice girls that are interested in decent guys prefer them not to cuss. Which is mostly why they don't go for the jerks.
You have to be yourself. I'm a girl and can not STAND it when my friends go out with those types because I'm always the one who said '; Dump his @ss'; and the one who has to fix them when he breaks up with her brutally. Girls like to date what they think are 'bad boys'. But assholes definatly aren't that type. There is hoipe for nice guys! When you have chicks like me who like a gentlemen and not a douchbag. Keep looking there are sensible chicks out there.
not all girls are like that. they are just attracted to how independent and ';different'; these guys are. they like having a challenge because they think they will be the one that can change this guy. but they soon realize that its just not meant to be, and then start going for the nice guys.

as a nice guy, dont be a doormat. dont do whatever she wants. you have a mind of your own. be a gentleman and nice, but don't overdo it. ur not her slave. girls usually dismiss nice guys as boring and spineless, so you want to change their perception of you and be the complete opposite.

just wait, girls will figure out that nice guys are better for them.






Your Miss. Right will come.

Just be patient.

Honestly for me being a girl I only date nice guys not jerks, jocks only polite guys. Don't waste your time getting those girls who date those guys to be with you. You don't deserve a shallow girl like that. The time will come.
Well I mean in school i go for the nice guys i can't stand jerks,etc. But some girls honestly care about the looks,the guys social status,how he treats her when their alone. But I mean hang in there there is someone out there perfect and waiting just for you!
girls like different types of guys

just think of it like this stupid girls go for stupid guys

and yes they are shallow

i go for cute guys cause i think woowwww their soooo adorable then they end up cheating on me like every other amazingly hot guy

but theres some cute nice guys also :]

just depends i guess
I like nicer guys but I've noticed that too. Even my friends go for jerks. Nice guys just have to wait until they find the right girl. I am a nice girl just waiting to find the right guy. The cards work both ways I guess.....
lol someone else just asked this question!!!

I think as girls get older and mature then they go for other things like unjerkish things not just thrills that jerks just want...
Yes I am nice and many girls wanna date me. But I love some who doesn't like me more than as a friend.
i don't date jerks, i look for sweet, caring guys
They seem funner.
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    Do you guys have any makeup advice for a blonde curly haired girl???i need it realy bad!!!:[?

    I'm assuming you have light skin. I would strongly recommend you avoid black anything. Unless you want that strung out druggie look--some people like it. Black is harder to do for blonds, and a lot of people don't consider it a daytime look. If you really want to try black eyeliner, don't do a straight line; smudge it a little with a makeup sponge. You could go cheap for smudging eyeliner, but I would suggest you buy high quality sponges for foundation, if you wear it.

    If you're new to makeup, I would go with a blackbrown mascara, a brown eyeliner, a pinky blush, a large blush brush, and some colored lipgloss. Lipgloss is easier than lipstick, and you really need a large blush brush to get the blush on right. Start at your apples (the part of your cheek that is biggest when you smile) and brush to your hairline--go up when you brush it out. Unless you want your eyes to look smaller, NEVER put eyeliner on your inner lid, put it under your eyes only. I wouldn't recommend lining your upper eye yet, it can be tricky. And most people use liquid for the upper eye, which I never got the hang of.Do you guys have any makeup advice for a blonde curly haired girl???i need it realy bad!!!:[?
    use dark colarsDo you guys have any makeup advice for a blonde curly haired girl???i need it realy bad!!!:[?
    Try any of these tips.

    Go heavy (not like a clown) on the eyemakeup but very natural on everything else.

    If using black eyeliner go light on the rest of the makeup. All natural.

    Apply pink blush to the apples of cheeks, use a feminine (pinkish,not too pink) eyeshadow and a shiney lipgloss. Go light on the eyeliner or wear none at all (just mascara). Very pretty.

    Try very pretty eyeshadows


    NEED REASONABLE ADVICE. Is it ok for a girl that likes me and vice versa to do stuff with another guy?

    Ok so I have an issue and I need all the advice and opinions from others, so please, WELL THOUGHTOUT answers only.

    I have been friends with this girl for 8 months now. We know each other very very well and know everything about about one another. We both began to like each other but didnt date. Eventually we liked each other even more and we still didnt date. To try to keep this short, she ended up doing stuff with my best friend. They both knew about it and wouldnt tell me because they knew I would be upset. I confronted her about it, and she feels she didnt do anything wrong because we were dating. But We both like each other more then anyone else.

    Do you think it was ok for her to fool around with my best friend and not tell me even though we both really really liked each other and were planning to go out?

    She she said that she was to busy with school to date (were all 18+) but who isnt you know? She also admits to cheating on every other boyfriend she had.NEED REASONABLE ADVICE. Is it ok for a girl that likes me and vice versa to do stuff with another guy?
    your best friend sold you out man... he knew it all along and he took the opportunity to fool with her.

    Girls on the other hand..... will go for anyone that gives them attention and whoever makes the move on her.

    It takes two to tango, so it's both your friend and the girl's fault...

    leave your friend, leave the girl.. you don't need back stabbers in your circle.. think about it, she isn't worth it in the long run, it just shows the truth about her. Don't even bother making her apologies, hold your head high and brush it off... don't let s.h.i.t.s like that affect you.NEED REASONABLE ADVICE. Is it ok for a girl that likes me and vice versa to do stuff with another guy?
    get a new girl

    for goodness sake

    she had foresaken u replaced you with your best bud

    bros before whor3s dude?
    Why on earth would you want a girl who has admitted to cheating on every other boyfriend she's had? If she really cared about you, she would never have done anything with your best friend.

    My advice is to forget about her. She would be nothing but trouble, and you could never trust her.

    Your best friend wasn't much of a friend either if he knew you liked this girl. Best friends don't do that.

    Find some new friends. There are plenty of people out there! Good luck!
    If she wasn't going out with you neither her or your friend did anything wrong. Personally I think you should be a bit more mature about it.
    I would find another girlfriend who is loyal, hangs with me, is honest and does not want to be around other guys.

    Girls like that are cheap, they want lots of guys to be close to, make bad girlfriends and end up in trouble.

    She is not good for you.
    First of all you can not make her do anything, and getting he to admit she was wrong is not a victory for you she now thinks you are a jerk. If you liked her some much you should not have beat around the bush and just came out and asked her. She did nothing wrong.

    She was either never planning on going out with you or wanted by best friend all along and was using you to get to him. She was using a very lame reason not to go out with you (she had time for him didn't she?) Dump her and move on, your friend is not at fault either. Blame this one on your blind lust for her and you not being able to see anything past it.
    I think this girl is having you on. I also think you should have made a move to be exclusive by now anyway if you are that important to each other - she's not going to hang around forever. She didn't really do anything wrong if you haven't agreed to be exclusive, however, it would seem to me she can't be as keen on you as vice versa. Would you have fooled around with someone else? Obviously, your best friend a) isn't b) made a move on her. Would you have done that to your 'best friend'? No way. They both knew you woudl be upset, and did it anyway. Forget the both of them would be my advice. You deserve someone who likes you as much and in the same way as you like them. If she cheats on every boyfriend ........ she'll cheat on you. Move on and be glad you aren't serious with this girl. If they are serious about each other, well, that happens, and you may decide to stay friend, but it all depends how honestly they go about it.
    I think if you really liked each other, you would be together, no excuses.

    It was disrespectful of her, and your friend to mess around considering they both know how you feel.

    You can't make someone apologise. If they are sorry they will do it all on their own.

    Basically she doesn't seem to be very mature, and obviously she can't commit - once a cheater, always a cheater. Honestly I don't think she's worth it.